Trần Trọng Dương on the Utility of the Hùng Kings

The video below is a continuation of our conversation with TS Trần Trọng Dương after the Engaging With Vietnam conference last summer about the utility of history (tính hữu dụng của lịch sử).… Continue reading

Engaging With Vietnam in Hawaii

Kim Định and History that “Is”

The topic of the importance (or non-importance) of South Vietnamese philosopher Lương Kim Định has come up again and this has forced me to think more about this issue. I have described Kim… Continue reading

Lý Văn Phức’s Barbarian Guesthouse Slam

In 1831 the Nguyễn Dynasty official, Lý Văn Phức, escorted some stranded Chinese sailors back to Fujian province. When he arrived there, the guesthouse where he was supposed to stay had a sign… Continue reading

Good, Bold and Bad Historical Scholarship

I guess this is self-promotion. . . but there is an interview with Le Minh Khai that the journal Da Màu has published which covers several issues that this blog deals with. Part… Continue reading

Vietnamese History – Island Style

I changed my mind. I was going to “digitize” a class that I teach on modern Southeast Asian History, but I’ve decided not to do that yet. Instead, given that the “readership” or… Continue reading

The (Unacknowledged) Decline of Asian Studies

For the past decade or more I’ve observed a clear decline in interest on the part of students at my university in “Asian Studies” (by which I mean here broadly as the desire… Continue reading

Imagining a Eurasian History of Southeast Asia

A few years ago someone I met in Kuching kindly gave me a cookbook that had just been published by the Sarawak Eurasian Association called Legacy Cookbook. This cookbook highlighted recipes from Eurasian… Continue reading

Lý Đông A, Lương Kim Định, Trần Ngọc Thêm and Terrien de Lacouperie’s Ancient Chinese Migration

As I’ve mentioned numerous times on this blog, there is an idea that is of central importance to Vietnamese ultra-nationalists, and that is that in antiquity the Chinese migrated into the area of… Continue reading

What is Southeast Asia?