Did that title grab your attention? Then read on. . . This is an advertisement from around 1940 in Thailand. It is for Sinkesin, “The Hormone Rejuvenator.” I don’t think Sinkesin is around anymore, but it’s probably still true that we should not waste our money on substitutes. There is nothing quite like whatever it is that comes from the secret sex glands of langurs. . . so insist on it!

In any case, below is a translation of the text in the advertisement. I would like to thank an anonymous helper for his assistance on this translation. I would mention his name, but there is really no sense in doing so at this point, as having read this text, he has now gone off in search of langurs. . . may he achieve immortality. [actually, I think I still have some mistakes here. I need to go back and check it.]

“It is the truth to say that before long we will die. Nonetheless, our lives can be extended if we have a little knowledge about anatomy and carry it out.

The complexity of the body is like the complexity of an engine. One’s only ability to make or fix [the body] is to take care of and pay attention to the important part, as is well-known. To protect power and youthfulness, one must pay attention to the sex gland which preserves one’s vital life force.

Sinkesin medicine has been concocted from the secret sex glands of langurs and mixed with other medicines to nourish and protect the body effectively for a long time. Nine out of ten cases of people who age quickly are caused by deficiencies in the sex gland. Therefore, there is nothing which protects the important youthful parts.

 According to the law of nature, in youth the sex gland must get regular protection and nourishment.

Sinkesin is a famous medicine for preserving sex glands in their normal state. Any time you use it, you’ll get good results. This you should believe.

Sinkesin Gold is for men to use, and for the ladies there is Silver. When you purchase Sinkesin, please tell your doctor if it is for a man or a woman.

Beware of imitations.”

And a close-up of the langurs: