A six-cylinder car which is sumptuous and affordable for everyone.

Everyone’s been waiting a six-cylinder car which is really powerful, pleasant to look at and manufactured in a way which is deserving of the name of a six-cylinder car – comfortable and neat, and not too expensive.

The Chevrolet Six fulfills all of the above requirements.

Based on four years of research, General Motors, an automotive manufacturer of six-cylinder cars which are very powerful and expertly-made, has made [? can’t read the word here] the Chevrolet fully reliable and added a dose of gentleness as well, which has surprised automotive experts.

Baron Folke Bernadotte, who is someone well-versed in the automotive field and is also an expert engineer, has praised the good qualities of the Chevrolet.

Mr. Wittig is a famous engineer said, “We have truly entered a golden age of automotive manufacturing.”

In the past year, because of extensive purchases – as many as 7,000 a day – General Motors has been able to sell this six-cylinder beauty at such a low price.