One thing for sure is that when it comes to food, Malaysians definitely know what they are doing. Chinese food is pretty good already, but it gets really good when it is made Southeast Asian style, and that is definitely the case with Nyonya cuisine in Malaysia (nyonya were the women in mixed Chinese-Malay families, and their cooking combined elements from Chinese and Malay cooking). This nasi lemak here is from the Old China Cafe in KL. OK, so yes, this place caters to a mainly farang clientele, and so yes, it is kind of spiced-down, but it’s still a good experience and the food still tastes good.

What is more, on the walls of the restaurant they have pictures of Sun Yat-sen, and a painting of Chiang Kai-shek. How many restaurants in the world today have a painting of CKS on their wall? That’s pretty darn retro cool if you ask me.

Sorry about the bad quality of the pictures below. 1) I’m a lousy photographer, and 2) this local Jaz beer is pretty strong.