I stumbled across a Pakistani magazine for women – SHE. I think it is actually still published, but the issues I saw were from the 1960s. While fashions had been global for decades by this point, there is still something about the 1950s-1960s which feels special to me. I think that it is the fact that this was the beginning of the postcolonial era, and the global (capitalist) fashions at that this time were embraced by many peoples in newly independent countries who were optimistic about the future. Perhaps I am imagining this, but I always detect a sense of excitement in the images from this period, it is as if the people at that time truly felt like they were living in a new age of opportunity. The future looked bright, especially if you were young and hip. Unfortunately, the future ended up being pretty dark in many places due to war and religious conflicts, etc. But that makes the 1960s “global-chic” images all the more interesting.

I’ll post more later, but here are a few to start. The quality isn’t great, as I had to use a camera rather than a scanner. But I will start with the image which first caught by attention. Somehow I just can’t connect this woman’s expression with house paint. . .  Is that really what she is thinking about?

Then there is this advertisement for tires which I think speaks for itself.

And then finally an advertisement for fabric. This is what the text at the bottom of the image says:

“Go watch the big golden sun drown itself in the sea. . . Listen to the song of the homing boatmen as they head for the shore. . . Surrender yourself to the breeze that yearns to embrace you. . . But then linger awhile. . . and think of the fabrics that mix and match with all your moods!”