In 1823 a temple was completed at the Nguyễn Dynasty capital to honor “emperors of succeeding generations.” It was referred to in classical Chinese as the “Lịch đại đế vương miếu.”

I just did a google search for this term and the first web page which came up said the following: “The Temple for Emperors of Succeeding Generations for worshiping the Hùng Kings is no longer extant” (Miếu Lịch đại đế-vương thờ Hùng Vương nay đã mất).

So the Temple for Emperors of Succeeding Generations was for worshipping the Hùng kings. Oh really?? Isn’t that leaving a few people out?

If one consults Nguyễn Dynasty records, one will find that this temple honored the following people, and in this order:

Fu Xi

Shen Nong

Huang Di



Xia Yu

Shang Tang

Zhou Wen Wang

Wu Wang

Kinh Dương Vương

Lạc Long Quân

Hùng Vương

Sĩ Vương (i.e., Shi Xie)

Đinh Tiên Hoàng

And then many more Vietnamese rulers.