I came across this article about the Filipino actress, Jane Palomar, from the early 1960s in a magazine called Graphic. The article is called “Girl With a Mind of Her Own.

In this article, Jane offers various opinions on marriage. For instance, she warns people who are not in the acting profession that they must be open-minded if they decide to marry an actor or actress.

She also explains that 23 “is the ideal age for a woman to settle down and start a family” because “that is the time when she is neither too young nor too old.”

Jane was still only 18 at the time this article was written, so that ideal age was still a few years away, and she claimed to not yet have a man in mind, although she hoped that her future husband would be a gentleman.

Nonetheless, there was one thing which she was certain about – her future husband would definitely be a pure Filipino.

For as the reporter noted about the girl with the mind of her own, “she believes that the Filipino race is the best there is in the world.”

I googled Jane Palomar’s name, and only found 4 movies that she made in the early 1960s. So did her acting career come to an end with her marriage to a gentleman from the best race in the world? If anyone knows what became of Jane Palomar, please inform. Also, it would be interesting to know why it was so important to emphasize race at that time.