I found this in a 1962 issue of The Nation from Burma. This is what the caption under the picture says.

HOW TO REDUCE FAT AND GAIN SCHOOL-GIRL FIGURE: Daw Kitty, Proprietress of the Holly Fashion House, Bogyoke Market, yesterday demonstrated how, through appropriate exercises taken with the help of her Fat Reducing Machine, one could reduce 10 pounds of weight in a month.

The electrically-operated machine was imported from the United Kingdom at a cost of K 4,000.

According to Daw Kitty, it is possible for all fat Burmese women to keep themselves trim and shapely by taking a course of judicious exercises with the help of the Machine. They must however be free from tuberculosis and heart diseases before they can be accepted for the course.

In the picture is seen Daw Kitty demonstrating how the Machine works and what exercises the “patient” has to perform. The “patient” here is Thin Thin Lai, a noted film-star.