In the 1950s, Burma had just recently become independent. Its citizens were engaged in the monumental task of building a post-colonial nation. This took daily effort, but fortunately the Burmese were able to start each day the best way possible, by drinking “Wex Sparkling Grape Saline – The Effervescent Health Drink Which Cleanses & Invigorates the Whole System.”

Wex could make you feel good 24 hours a day, and it was so good for you.

In fact, Wex could be your “family doctor” and make your entire family “Healthy – Happy – Wise.”

Of course there were other brands, but how could they compare with Wex when all they could do was to keep you “regular”?

So given that these products enabled one “to know the real joy of living,” you have to wonder, where have all the sparkling fruit salts gone anyway?