I was looking at this Chinese newspaper from Burma in the early 1950s and came across this advertisement below.


It is an advertisement for a product which claims to be the “The Enhancement King of Male-Female Life Glands.” It can be used by men and women, the elderly and the young, anyone whose mental or physical strength needs a boost.

It is “Uniformly praised by famous Chinese and foreign doctors alike.”

Why is it so powerful? Well its undoubtedly because its main ingredient comes from the “life glands of monkeys. . .”


While I can’t make out what is written on the box, this is clearly an advertisement for a product which was called Sinkesin, “The Hormone Rejuvenator.”

I came across a more detailed advertisement for this product in a Thai newspaper from the 1940s and wrote about it here a couple of years ago.

I’m sure it is Sinkesin because this advertisement contains the same warning. “Note: [Sinkesin] Gold is for men, and Silver is for ladies.”

You have to wonder – what would have happened if someone took the wrong pills?