I was looking at an August 1966 issue of the magazine China Reconstructs. The first two articles in that issue dealt with Vietnam, and were entitled as follows:

“China’s aid to Vietnam in Fighting U.S. Aggression Further Ceases to be Subject to Any Bounds or Restrictions” and “China’s 700 Million Pledge Powerful Backing to the Vietnamese People.”

The first article is a government statement it begins as follows:

“Beginning from June 29, 1966, U.S. imperialism has brazenly and repeatedly bombed the city of Hanoi, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, and the city of Haiphong, its second largest city. The Chinese government and people express their boundless indignation at and their strongest condemnation of this barbarous, wanton and criminal act of aggression and war by U.S. imperialism.”

The second article, “China’s 700 Million Pledge Powerful Backing to the Vietnamese People,” contains pictures of various demonstrations across the country in support of the Vietnamese people’s struggle against American imperialism.

200,000 in Kunming.

In Chengdu, 500,000.

In Urumqi another 200,000.

300,000 more in Tianjin.

And finally, 800,000 in Shanghai.

My oh my how times have changed. We live in a crazy world.