In reading Huy Đức’s Bên Thắng Cuộc, I saw that in some parts he made extensive use of the newspaper, Sài Gòn Giải Phóng [Liberated Saigon].

I had never read that newspaper before. I checked and saw that there are a few libraries in the US that have issues of this newspaper from 1975 on microfilm. And then as luck would have it, today I found it in a section of un-cataloged microfilms in our library.

I’ll try to post more about it in the days and weeks ahead, but just to get things started, here is an interesting comic from the 26 June 1975 issue.


On the left are people trying to get health care and go to school in a world where these services only are provided to those who can pay, and on the right is the opposite world, one where health care and education are provided for free.

Very interesting. Nowadays it’s hard to get health care in either of the worlds that these images are meant to represent. If only Canada had been a world power. . .


And a final note to all young historians: Get off your butts (and away from your computers) and go to libraries/archives. The best materials out there are still the ones that have not been digitized and are not on the Internet!