I came across this “wanted” poster in the January 2, 1900 edition of the Sarawak Gazette.

Eight (possibly) Teochew Chinese were wanted for the murder of pepper planter Liong Ten Chiow.

There was a 100 dollar reward for information leading to their arrest.


I really want to make a “jungle cowboy” movie in Borneo. You have Chinese gold miners and pepper planters, headhunting tribesmen, Malay fishermen and white policemen trying to “keep the peace”. . . It’s just like the American “wild West.”

Then of course you need to add a couple of beautiful women – one of the white guys in Kuching will have to have a beautiful wife, but then there will be some “native” women who are beautiful too. . . and that will add romantic “tension” to the film.

It’s sure to be a blockbuster!!