Over three years ago I wrote a post about an advertisement I found in a newspaper from the Philippines from 1940 for “Feen-A-Mint, the tasty chewing gum laxative.”

Since that time, I’ve noticed that a surprising number of people have visited this blog after first searching for “chewing gum laxative.” I had no idea that there was ever such a thing as a laxative chewing gum, but apparently there was/is, and clearly there are a lot of people out there who are looking for it. . .


Well today I found an advertisement in a newspaper from Singapore from the 1930s for “Lem-O-Lax,” a laxative lemon drink. Again, I had no idea that any such thing had ever existed.

Does it still exist? Well, I know how to find out.

I’m posting it here, and I will keep an eye out to see if people start visiting this blog after searching for “laxative lemonade”. . . If they do, then we will know that it is still out there somewhere.