To continue looking at advertisements for Senkesin. . . I have to admit that the artwork in a lot of these advertisements was really good. A long time ago on this blog I looked at a lot of cigarette advertisements from Singapore from around the same time period, and those are good too. But the people who designed and drew the Senkesin advertisements were truly creative and talented.

Let’s take a look and enjoy some of this great artwork.


Here we have the Senkesin monkeys writing a kind of bicycle and carrying a couple of boxes of their medicine with the internal organs of a human being in the background. Nice!


Another advertisement with an internal organ theme, in this one we see the various ailments that one can suffer from if a given organ is not functioning correctly, and then in the upper right and lower left of the picture we see what happens when people take Senkesin. . .


And that really makes me wonder what is wrong with this couple here. They are obviously frustrated because they are unable to have a child. But have they really never seen a Senkesin advertisement before?? They should know what to do. Just go buy some Senkesin and. . .


Ah, but maybe they needed some education about what they needed to do after they took the Senkesin. . . in which case, I think that this picture was probably meant to help people like that. “Take Senkesin and look at this picture. . . You’ll figure out the rest.”


Then there were various advertisements that simply celebrated the strength of Senkesin.


After all, there is no power in the world like the power of a monkey.


A power that can lead a new generation into the future.


As World War II began, this war-themed advertisement appeared, symbolizing the awesome power of Senkesin to wipe out its enemies – human ailments.


At the same time, they also had more peaceful images, such as this one, with the Senkesin monkeys “harvesting” all of those same ailments so that people would not have to suffer from them.


Hurrah for the Senkesin monkeys!!!