Looking around again in the US National Archives through the Online Public Access portal, I found this letter from Hồ Chí Minh.


To quote the description on the web page, “This letter, written by Nguyen Ai Quac, later known as Ho Chi Minh, as a representative of ‘le Groupe des Patriotes Annamites’ [the Group of Annamite Patriots], contains the enclosure ‘Revendications du Peuple Annamite’ [Claims of the Annamite People], which called for certain civil rights to be bestowed on the Vietnamese people of French Indochina. The letter and enclosure were submitted at the Paris Peace Conference at the end of World War I, in which the Allied forces met to set the peace terms for the defeated nations.”


There is also an English-language translation of the letter.


And finally there is this telegram from 1946.

Letter from Ho Chi Minh 10426_2005_001

I’ve probably seen all of these materials reproduced in books before, but it is still nice to see these materials digitized so well. I’ve reduced the size of the images here. For better quality, click on the links above.