The video in the post below about the radio in Sarawak in 1961 got me wondering about the types of changes that the transistor radio brought to Southeast Asia in the 1950s and 1960s.

Today I came across one change – the advent of the “Wireless School” in Thailand. In 1958 the Thai government apparently started to provide assistance to schools in the countryside by offering courses over the radio that could help make up for those schools’ lack of teachers and resources.


Don’t have someone who can teach English? No worries, just turn on the radio and let the students study English through the Wireless School, as these children in Buriram Province did.


Of course back in Bangkok there were experts who prepared these courses and broadcast them across the country.


And that made everyone happy, particularly these kids in Chachoengsao Province whom we see enjoying themselves in singing a class made possible by the Wireless School.

wireless school

With online courses and MOOCs gaining a lot of attention these days, it’s interesting to look at earlier efforts like this one to make use of technology for pedagogical purposes.

This poster is in the US National Archives: