I came across a series of seven “Army Behavior Posters” in the US National Archives that were created in the 1950s by the United States Information Service (but it was probably not Americans who drew them) for the South Vietnamese Army.

Here they are:


“Always uphold the honor of the army. Sacrifice for the people of the nation, be loyal to the fatherland.”


“Absolutely honor the discipline of the army. Abide by the laws of the government.”


“Do not engage in vices, drinking, gambling, inappropriate conduct with women, and drugs.”


“Do not covet or waste pubic property. Take the utmost care of military equipment.”


“You must be resolute, serious, and completely keep the secrets of the army.”


“You must respect the people’s life, property and freedom of religion.”


“You must be close to the people, protect the people and help the people.”

(National Archives Identifiers: 6948902 – 6948908)