In 1973 at the “el amigo nite club” on Kitchener Road in Singapore a band called the Bee Jays performed nightly.


With a name like Bee Jays, one can’t help but wonder if this band was inspired by the Australian group, the Bee Gees, but it’s clear from the music here that the Bee Jays had their own sound.

They were joined at the el amigo by other performers, such as the Blue Notes Quintet, the Julai Tan Sextet, as well as by a group starlets from Taiwan and Singapore – Lilian Wang, Chen Chon Chueng, Yang Mei You, Kuo Y?? Hua and Lotus Liew.


While I’m sure that all of these performers must have been good in their own ways, I have the feeling that it’s the Trailers who would have made me want to get up out of my seat and dance.

As for what that dance would have looked like. . . I’m not really sure, but it would have been fun.

There were obviously some good times to be had at the el amigo in ’73!!