My Boy Lollipop is an American pop song that has been recorded many times around the world. There is a Finnish version of this song from 1964 that I have not been able to find on YouTube but the other known versions from around the world prior to the song’s recording in Southeast Asia (Singapore) in 1967 is as follows:

1956 – America, Barbie Gaye’s “My Boy Lollypop.”

1964 – UK/Jamaica, Millie Small’s “My Boy Lollipop.”

1964 – Germany, Heidi Bachert’s “My Boy Lollipop.”

1964 – France, Agnès Loti’s “C’est Toi Mon Idole.”

1964 – Hong Kong, Billie Tam’s (蓓蕾) “You’re Like a Piece of Honey Candy” (你好像一片蜜糖).

1966 – Croatia, Tamara Saric’s “Moj Lilihip.”

1967 – Singapore, Sakura and the Quests’ “My Boy Lollipop.”

I tried to map the movement of this song. The different colors are meant to represent different stages in the spread of this song. I didn’t include the Croatian version because I’m not sure if that was inspired by the British or the German version of the song.


In any case, the one thing that does seem clear to me is that this song’s spread appears to have been more related to the networks of the (declining) British empire than that of the (emerging) American empire.