Someone recently forwarded me an article that appeared in an online newspaper entitled “Kinh dịch là của người Việt” (The Yijing Belongs to the Việt).

There has been an effort for many years on the part of a small group of people to demonstrate that this ancient text was created by “Việt” peoples. It is a very nationalistic effort to try to say that “Việt” knowledge and culture came before “Chinese” knowledge and culture and that “China” is therefore indebted to the “Việt,” and not the other way around, as is commonly believed.


I need to read more of Lương Kim Định’s writings, but I believe that this effort to show that “the South” created the culture that “the North” now takes credit for started with him (but perhaps there are earlier examples of this line of reasoning?).

I’ve long wondered what it is that motivates people to keep trying to make this point, when most people don’t believe what they are saying. Is it just nationalism? Are nationalist feelings really that strong?

Amazingly, just by coincidence, a friend of mine who works for NASA sent me a sound file this morning of some kind of message that NASA space recorders picked up coming from some place outside of our solar system. My friend thought it kind of sounded like Vietnamese, so he sent it to me.

It is a bit hard to make out, but I think they’re saying. . .

“Kinh dịch là của người Việt”!! (The Yijing Belongs to the Việt)