I came across these images in some 1954 issues of The New Light of Burma newspaper. They are for Pond’s products, such as talcum powder, lipstick and “dreamflower powder.”

Sprinkling on this power after washing could keep someone feeling fresh, be it “petal-fresh” or “fresh as a dream.”


“Pond’s Dreamflower Powder gives you that petal-fresh look, keeping your complexion soft and smooth as a rosebud.”


“Pond’s Talcum Powder will keep you as fresh as a dream all day.”


I always find the imagery in advertisements like these interesting. The influence of Western commercial modernity is obvious, but the presentation of that form of modernity also clearly takes a distinct Burmese twist.


I wish someone would study the world of advertisement in 20th-century Southeast Asia. There’s obviously a lot that one could talk about.