Pen Ran (also written Pan Ron) was a famous singer in Cambodia in the 1960s and 1970s, during the golden age of Khmer popular music.

One of her most famous songs was recorded in the early 1970s and was called “The Rusted Bachelor” (Gamlah Jraeh Jaab).

Pan Ron

How does a bachelor become “rusted”? One would think that it would be from being a bachelor too long, but it is obvious from the song that this is not what the term means.

Instead, it seems to refer to a married man who pretends to still be a bachelor.

Here is the song and a rough translation of it:

I don’t feel pleased,

I don’t feel pleased,

I don’t feel pleased,

When you seek my love,

And say your single,

Then your wife comes along,

And you make an innocent face,

But you can’t think your way out,

And you get confused,

Like a monkey trapped in a cage.


Hey, good looking,

Hey, you rusted bachelor,

You’d better solve this problem right now,

Don’t be in a rush to make your escape,

It seems that a pale face,

Is not your usual look,

Hey! Where do you think you can run to?

Come on Mr. Charming,

Let’s have a chat first.