Things people say can not be trusted,

Gender is a category, socially constructed.

(In) Southeast Asia, they got all kinds,

Not just two, yours and mine.

Those ladyboys, they ain’t freaks,

Yea they look a little unique,

But that’s because they got the power,

Of the third gender,

Show me your flower!

In Vietnam they got the bóng (spirit mediums),

They can dance a little,

They can sing a song.

When you’ve got a decision to make,

You need their help,

They ain’t no fakes.

They can talk to the gods,

Nam và nữ (male and female),

And bring you good luck,

That’s the truth.

So people today, be they rich or poor,

They all need a bóng,

That’s for sure.

In Burma they got the nat kadaw (also, spirit mediums),

They visit the gods,

And tell you what they saw.

Some are girls and some are boys,

But you know the best,

Yea, let’s hear some noise.

They are the ones,

Who can go both ways,

‘Cause they’re in between,

They don’t need to stay,

As a man or a woman,

All the time,

They are who they are,

It ain’t no crime.

Sulawesi that’s the best,

The Bissu priests,

They were better than the rest.

They protected the king’s,

Sacred sword,

Without their help,

He couldn’t be lord.

So next time you see,

Someone in between,

Remember that they’re special,

Not like you and me.

Yea they had it better in the past,

(But) Third gender power,

Is here to last.