After an intensive summer of planning for the 9th Engaging With Vietnam conference, we are pleased to announce details about the conference and to encourage everyone interested in participating to please submit a proposal by August 31 (see for details).

This year’s conference theme is “TOURING VIETNAM: Exploring Development, Tourism and Sustainability in Vietnam from Multi-disciplinary and Multi-directional Perspectives.” We encourage submissions that address this theme, but as a multidisciplinary conference on Vietnam, we also consider submissions on topics not directly related to the theme, so please feel free to submit a proposal!

This year’s conference will engage the theme through the following formats:

Dec. 28-29 (2017): formal academic conference with keynote and breakout sessions held at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, HCM City.

Dec. 30: a day spent exploring Bình Dương Province as a case study of a current form of urban development in Vietnam, sponsored by Thủ Dầu Một University, Bình Dương.

Dec. 31: a day of events to be held at Independence Palace in HCM City, including an art exhibit and discussion about “touring as creating” and the presentation of the results of a “hackathon” for students that will run parallel with the conference on “Interweaving Tourism, Heritage, History, Development and Technology.”

Evening of Dec. 31 – taking the train to Phú Yên. (Meals and lodging will be offered in Phú Yên at a very affordable rate – see below for details).

Jan. 1 – 4 (2018): 2 days will be spent exploring the tourist experience in Phú Yên and two days will be devoted to open-forum style discussions on tourism, development and sustainability from multidisciplinary perspectives, and between policy makers, industry leaders and academics.

This year’s conference will be a great way to bring 2017 to a fulfilling conclusion and to begin 2018 with new ideas, new experiences and inspiration. We therefore look forward to seeing you all in HCM City, Bình Dương and Phú Yên!!!

For more information about the conference, please see the following video:


For more information on logistics, please consult the following links:

To submit a proposal:

The registration link will be available soon here:

To reserve a hotel room in HCM City, as well as transportation to Phú Yên, click on the first link in the “accommodations” section on this page:

To book a very affordable (!!) package to cover the cost of meals and accommodations in Phú Yên, click on the second link in the “accommodations” section on the same page:


This year’s conference is supported by:

The University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Vietnam National University, Hồ Chí Minh City

Thủ Dầu Một University, Bình Dương

The University of Hawaii at Manoa