At the beginning of 1956, the president of the Republic of Vietnam ordered the establishment of the Historical Research Institute (Viện Khảo-Cổ) under the Ministry of Education.

This institute had a broad mission. It was to research about the history and culture of Vietnam from the past to the present and to do so in a multidisciplinary manner.

In 1960 the institute began publishing a journal, the Transactions of the Historical Research Institute (Việt-Nam Khảo-Cổ Tâp-San).


The first issue featured research articles by Chen Jinghe on the Chinese community in Hội An, Trương Bửu Lâm on the modern period in Vietnamese history, Bửu Cầm on the strengths and weaknesses of Nôm, and Phạm Đình Khiêm on historical sites in Quảng Nam and Phú Yên.

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It also contained essays that introduced materials of historical interest, and book reviews.

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For anyone interested in reading this issue of the Transactions of the Historical Research Institute, click on the link below:

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