Seven years after starting “Le Minh Khai’s Southeast Asian History blog,” I feel like all of the world has changed dramatically except for one part. . . the academic world.

I started this blog in an effort to adapt to the changes that the “digital revolution” was bringing to the world. Those changes have only intensified over the past seven years, but I do not see the academic transforming in order to adapt to these changes.

And unsurprisingly, I see plenty of signs of “decline” in the academic world (declining enrollment in various subjects, declining job opportunities for people trained in certain subjects that are not changing, and declining interest in some subjects, particularly those that are not participating in the digital world of the present).

I think about these issues A LOT, and I have decided to document some of the ideas that I have about this issue and to post them to a blog that I am calling “Content Asian Studies.”

At the moment, my idea is for “Content Asian Studies” to be a kind of “flash blog,” that is, a blog where over the next several weeks I will post the ideas that I have about (the need for) academic communication in the digital age (particularly as it pertains to Asian Studies), but then after that will stop and allow the blog to essentially serve as a reference for people.

That being the case, I will have less time over the next few weeks to post to “Le Minh Khai’s Southeast Asian History blog,” but I encourage interested readers here to venture over to “Content Asian Studies” and have a look.