ASEAN Studies and Southeast Asian Studies – Morning Meditations

I’ve been sick recently, but I have a lot of ideas in my head and so I decided to record a video about them.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the field of Southeast Asian Studies, and how it fits (or doesn’t) in the world today. In the process, I came across some articles in Vietnamese online papers about a recent conference on Southeast Asian Studies in Vietnam that was recently held at Vietnam National University in Hanoi (VNU).

Apparently VNU launched a new undergraduate program in Southeast Asian Studies earlier this year, and I’m guessing that this conference was meant to draw attention to VNU and its role in promoting this field of scholarship.

I started by talking about this, and then moved on to talk about other related topics in a series that I’m calling “Morning Meditations,” but I suppose that it could just as easily be called “the rambling ideas of a man recovering from a mysterious virus. . .”


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