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Following up on the ideas in the previous post about how valuable it is to try to understand what “users” of a product/service actually think, and given that I’ve been maintaining this blog for almost a decade without really knowing what readers/visitors think, like, or what they are looking for. . . I have created a one-question/anonymous form that simply asks:

“What is it that you are looking for at Le Minh Khai’s Southeast Asian History Blog? What are you interested in/curious about? What is it that you would like to see more of? Thank you for responding!!”

If you have the time (and it can take as little as a few seconds), please let me know what you think, so that I can do a better job of producing a blog that is of interest.

Here again is the form.

Thank you very much!!


  1. Since you asked…I discovered your blog a few years ago. I was doing research for a novel about a 19th century woman who travels to China and what is now Vietnam. I was looking for small, telling details, and some historical context on what life might have been like in Hanoi in 1899. It is now finished (hopefully soon to be published) and I am considering a sequel. Happily I re-discovered your blog. I find it fascinating – even the information I cannot use. In fact, it prompted me to make my first trip to Vietnam and Cambodia last year.
    I can only imagine that students and scholars feel the same. So, thank you!

    1. Great!! I’m glad you have found the blog helpful, and I’m also happy to hear that this blog had contributed to the tourism industry in Vietnam and Cambodia!! 🙂

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