Vietnamese Prehistory and International Scholarship – Part 3: Sauer, Solheim & Hòa Bình

The late archaeologist Wilhelm Solheim would probably be very surprised to find that statements he made way back in 1971 are cited today as “evidence” that the ancestors of the Vietnamese were the first people in Asia to cultivate rice. . . This video explains how that came to be the case.

4 thoughts on “Vietnamese Prehistory and International Scholarship – Part 3: Sauer, Solheim & Hòa Bình

  1. I totally disagree with this post since I had read several archeological reports. The Hoabinhian culture was still a hunter and gather cultures without any rice cultivation. They are considered to be Australoid/Australo-Melanesian.

    1. Thanks for the comment, although I’m not sure what you are disagreeing with as the point I make here is precisely that the Hoabinhian culture was a hunter and gatherer culture without any rice cultivation.

      The people who think there was rice cultivation during Hoabinhian times are the Vietnamese (nationalist) writers who I am talking about in these videos (Cung Dinh Thanh, Ha Van Thuy, etc.).

      1. Hi there,

        Hope, you’re doing well… I must have misunderstood your post. Anyhow, I had tried to contact you Facebook. I think you and I are on the same page. Most materials you posted, I had read those long times and blogs them more than 10 years ago (ie: “Goldsea“ back in the days under an alias). I know you had read “Who were the Yue”, so I guess we really understood the meaning of the term “Yue/Viet” well enough to criticize the nationalists. As you aware, the majority Vietnamese (or so-called:Kinh) were never being labeled themselves as “Việt” until 1945 when Tran Trong Kim made a change to the country name back to “Viet Nam”; thus, you see some modern Vietnamese going “coo-coo” and calling them “bach viet/bai yue” or “Lac Viet/Luoyue”. If anything, the majority of Vietnamese (the now so called: Kinh) were referred to the people of “An Nam”, “Giao Chi”, “Han (as in Han Chinese)”, “Hoa” or “Southern people”. Nothing was in reference of “Viet” until after 1945.

      2. Addendum: The definition of the term, “越/Việt/Yue”, means “transcend, go beyond, excess, surpass, more…”; thus, I guess you must have understood as well as I did…referring to “Who were the Yue?” website. Ciao

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