It’s me, Liam C. Kelley of “Le Minh Khai’s Southeast Asian History Blog” and “Le Minh Khai’s YouTube Channel” fame. . .

What am I doing here? Well,

1) having spent the past seven years maintaining an academic blog, having developed an ability to produce videos for academic purposes, and having spent a lot of time thinking about how the digital revolution has transformed the world and how we as academics can adapt to those changes,

2) having spent more than a decade watching the field of Asian Studies (the largest academic “category” that I can claim to have some professional expertise in) not sufficiently adapt to those changes, and having seen what I argue are direct negative consequences of this lack of change (declines in enrollment, student interest, etc.),

3) I’ve decided that I might as well share what I know and what it is that I think because perhaps there is someone out there who has noticed the same issues that I have and is looking for some way to make constructive changes, and perhaps some of the ideas and information in these posts will prove helpful. That, in any case, is my hope.

So that is what I am going to do on this blog – to provide ideas and insights about how Asian Studies scholars in particular, but really any academic in general, can better their ability (or their department’s/center’s/institute’s/university’s ability) to communicate in the digital age.

At the moment I don’t see this blog as a long-term effort, but more as a “flash blog” that is meant to quickly produce some ideas and information about a topic that desperately needs to be addressed. It will take me a few weeks to get those ideas out there, so if you are interested in this topic, please keep an eye on this blog.

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