Exploring Brunei

For the past six months I have been living in Brunei. Before coming here, like many people I know, I knew very little about the country and did not know what to expect.

After arriving, I quickly realized that Brunei is incredibly beautiful.

At present there isn’t much of a tourism industry. And while that will likely change to some extent in the years ahead, hopefully whatever changes come will not disrupt the lifestyle and beauty of the country.

I’ve been making videos to document my explorations (and to practice video editing). I’m sharing the ones I’ve made here for anyone who is curious to see what beautiful Brunei looks like, as it is indeed beautiful.

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Ethnic Modernities in 1959 British Borneo

I was looking at a newspaper called the Borneo Bulletin. It started to be published in 1953 in Brunei, but it was directed at readers in Sawarak and Sabah as well, that is, in all of what was then “British Borneo.” In looking at some issues from 1959, I found the advertisements to be very interesting. They were all depicting aspects of a modern lifestyle, but modernity was presented differently to the members of different ethnic groups. To the British, modernity meant sending your children back to the UK on the planes of the British Overseas Air Corporation and Malayan … Continue reading Ethnic Modernities in 1959 British Borneo